What’s That? Pain Got You Down?

Yessiree, Ladies and Gentledogs!  What we have here is a gar-un-TEED cure for what ails you!  Do your hands buzz so much with pain, you can’t write, and are forced to sit with your hands on a heating pad until the fibro Buzz wears off?  Does taking a shower feel like a million knives piercing and ripping your skin, instead of feeling calm and soothing?  Does your neck, shoulders and back tense 24/7, ache, tingle or buzz as well?  Let’s not forget the body aches, pain, tingling, cramping, and general overall body pain caused by this malady!!  Lets not forget the fatigue brought on by this fighting to stay well, fighting to stave off depression and anxiety brought on by a Fibro attack!  And finally, what Fibromyalgia Attack wouldn’t be complete without our all time favorite- Fibro Fog?!  Yes, you too have to write down things you need to say and lists for your lists- and lists for what’s on your lists lists!!!!  IT’s DOWNRIGHT MADDENING!!!!!!!!

But, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me reassure you- there is NO CURE for this ailment.  Just asymptomatic cures.  Heating pads, diet, stress reduction, therapy, meditation, yoga, exercise, diet and a whole ton of rest.  Used to be a go getter?  Now?  You’re a couch sitter.

Can ya tell I’m pissed?  I’m fucking hotter than a wasp’s ass.  And I still haven’t bought my tennis racquet to beat up on the mattress to alleviate my anger.  Which is just seeping out and killing all my relationships, slowly, surely, one at a time.  I’m so tired and sick.  I’m over it.  My fucking cat is snoring.  It’s 7:05 pm- WTF?!  ooh!  DRYER!!!  So much for that nap.  bwahahaha…Anyways

Ever since I fell and hit my head, I’ve been in a fibro flare up.  I’ve had all the symptoms, all the pain, the fibro fog on top of the concussion, it’s all been there.  I rolled a car in 05, ever since then, I’ve had all over body pain.  Then, the following year was the near fatal staph infection, when I went from 140-114 lbs in 2 wks.  No bueno.  Pain from that. I was given 7 Actiq pops.  They’re phenobarbital pain pops- for terminal illnesses.  I called em my pain pops.  After my second pick line feeding, boom, pain pop.  I was on Rifampin-my toes had a yeast infection.  After that got miraculously cured, more pain.  And every year after that, whenever I have an accident or an injury, BOOM!  More pain.  It’s unbearable.

I can’t work.  Not even with my mental state.  If I had my physical health, that would help my mental health-straight up-scientifically proven.  But when you can barely climb the stairs in your home, what’s a mud blood girl to do?

So, my Primary doc said, I can’t help you.  Go back to the Pain doc.  Ok.  I wanted to try acupuncture.  But not covered by insurance, so that was shot down faster than, well, you can make up your own.  So, I got gel shots in my knees two weeks ago.  I have osteonecrosis in my knees and one femur-almost zero cartilage in my right knee, and my right femur is crumbling- and I have osteoarthritis.  So, I saw the look on my pain docs face when he was trying to shoot the gel in my knees.  He had the absolute clearest, “What the ever loving fuck-how in the fuck does this chick even walk?!” look on his face.

So, because I am a HUGE woman, I joined weight watchers.  It’s helping.  What’s hard is- what you think is healthy?  Is like 20 points.  Total mind fuck.  Totally different ballgame.  But I am not fucking quitting.  Not.

So, my fibro is a full on attack.  I would have too wear like 100% all cotton or linen, no blended fabrics-no synthetics.  Whole diet.  No perfumes, dyes, and I’m sorry.  I gotta smell good.  I’m a perfume snob.  I love to smell good.  I love walking away from somewhere and hearing someone says, “OooH!  She smells Goooood!”  Call me an ego gratifying motherfucker, but that makes me feel better, and at this point?  I’ll take all I can get.

I’m now moving to my second job-Bed warmer.  Night, all.











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