Third times a charm….

So, yesterday, I got the “official” letter from the MDOC saying Dave had been discharged on Parole due to DEATH ON PAROLE.  Okay, it wasn’t as bad as when I first found out, now I know it’s finally over.  It’s done.  I can put the baseball bat away.  Well, early September, when I found out about Dave’s death, an old friend called me.  This is the friend who up and moved everything, including her teenage daughter to the other side of the country to be with a guy.  A guy I’ve never met or been invited to meet or anything.  Hasn’t sold her condo yet, borrowed against her 401K, wouldn’t take any of my advice, burnin bridges left and right, and when I find out Dave dies she calls.  I figure last chance to redeem yourself.  Actually, she didn’t call, she texted me.  To inform me that she was engaged, but with zero ring,.  They’re, wait.  She’s already got her dress picked out, and they are planning a wedding at the historical museum.  I’m thinking of this Rev. Horton Heat song, “Zombie dumb”.  Her Aunt dies a week before she leaves- he never comes or offers to come out, never puts a dime down for her to come out, her dog almost dies a day they decide to take off for a long day- someone else mentioned rat poison.  Yup.  The guy’s a vet- he knows things we mere mortals do not.  But, she has NEVER, and I mean NEVER called me once to ask me how I’m doing , if I’m okay, blah x 3.  So I unfriended her and her daughter.  Her daughter I love more than anything in the world.  I was her scary godmother.  This bitch- my frenemy?  Never gave me her address,.  Two faced as  hell.  Got in a fight with her bff from junior high.  Had a mutual friend run interference, her bff won’t talk to her and frenemy thinks bff owes her an apology.  WHAT???!!!!!

So, fuck that shit, Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Anyways.  Two days ago, I made my Halloween window.  Little girl from the neighborhood comes to my door- “Do any kids live here?”  “Nope”.  So, she looks back towards the window and asks me, “Do any kids live in the building?”  “No sweetie, sorry.”  Well, I felt good that my system, that we made a cool Halloween decoration, even though all the shitty things that happened to us when we were younger.  It’s like, we know the real monsters are humans- my frenemy, low level, is a monster-oh and her brother is slipping into mental illness-and while we know what some people do on halloween, we know that it is a fun, light hearted, silly, holiday-in the strictly non pagan/non wiccan sense.  Wiccan?  New Year.  Satanism-  Sacrifice time.  Hell.  everyday in Satanism is a good day for a sacrifice.  Jesus help us.

So, I’m okay today.  8:30 am I had to take a Vistiril.  Already amped.  But, I’ve come a long way baby.  Just since I started this blog.  But, damn.  I don’t know.  It’s time to start housework.  I finally feel better.  I finally feel like, It’s allergies.  Like, the fever broke.  Oh well.

Here’s to it!

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