I am NOT the ENEMY!!!!!

Hi.  This is a declaration of independence, strength and knowledge…because, after all, isn’t knowledge power?  That is what GI Joe said, “Knowing is half the Battle.”

Know this:  I am a fiercely independent woman.  But desperately frail and lonely, because I am confusing to people.  I act, “as if” I do not need people.  Horse shit.  We are all in this together.  WE all need each other.  I need you.  I need all of you.  And especially, you.

Know this:  I am a SURVIVOR of satanic ritual abuse.  I was FORCED, at age 4, to do unspeakable acts and have unspeakable things done TO me.  I was fucking FOUR YEARS OLD!!!!  How Dare you treat me as if I had a choice.  How fucking dare you.  I’m not a big believer in Shame, but shame on you for thinking that somehow I enjoyed being passed around and knowing truths at an age, when NO ONE, NO MATTER WHAT THEIR AGE should know.  HOW DARE you insinuate that because I have God Given Gifts, which are “supernatural”, “psychic”, “intuitive”, “esoteric”, “foreign”, “weird”, demonic or unholy, etc.  That I, me, a Christian raised woman, who was taught to leave no spiritual stone unturned, be a Satanist.  Or some other demonic and unholy and hypocritical, self righteous, UN-Christian JUDGEMENT- of which you have no authority to dole out, to label me so unfairly.


You know what I say to you?  After I get done telling you off?  For being such self-righteous, holier than thou hypocritical SOB’S?  Fear-based, ignoramuses.  UNH!

How erroneous you are!  How wrong you are about me!  I am so sorry your fear and ignorance and hatred is so deep and titanic, that you would not take the time out to get to know me and ask me.  I have nothing to hide.  I have done nothing wrong.  I have hurt, NO ONE, with my “evil” powers.  Nor would I ever.  How could you think those things?  What’s so wrong with you, that it makes it RIGHT for You to Judge ME?

WTF, over?!

I am so sorry.  For your fear.  And Hate.  And lack of understanding.  I am already judged.  I have been, and will continue to be till the day I die.  But, the utimate Judgement belongs to someone with much higher power and authority than all y’all.

Put your cheddar on that.

*Mic Drop*

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