I cry for this body (poem)

I cry for my body

For its wounds

for its scars

for its transgressions

and the transgressions it has survived.

For the wounds that bled,

The bruises that healed

For internal damage, and a heart, I’m afraid, may never heal.

A brain so broken,

there’s only life long repair.

No quick fix.

No silver bullet.

No “Magic Pill”.

Only wear and tear.

Blood, sweat and tears, has this body received,

and has this body exchanged.

It has endured:

Bear Traps,

sword fights,

2 x 4’s


Mayhem of the mind

Murder of the soul

and physical deformity.

All to be whole.

All to be loved.

All to be accepted.

All to be whole…

There is no piece of me that has not or has yet to shatter.

There’s no part of me that does not have a story.

I gave up on Happy Endings,

guffaw at fairy tales,

and realize that humans are the real danger.

The true Boogey men?

The true monsters?

There are why I cry,

sob for this body.

9.29.15 06:35 am

Dedicated To Amy R and Mel B.

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