Another Day, Another Hollah!!!!!

What’s up, people?!!  I swear, I must be manic or something.  Yes, I have Bipolar I as well.  I swear, what don’t I have- well, MS, Lupus, Cancer-it can always be worse.

So, fake people, fake friends.  The “Frenemy”.  Caught and operates in it’s natural habitat, which would be toxic environments, attacking on and luring the young, the isolated, the vulnerable and those who just don’t plain care anymore.  I’ve tried to rid my life of as many of these as possible.  But they are like cockroaches, they’re everywhere!!!!

Ugh.  Had a dream about a male frenemy from High School.  Was my true love’s best friend.  Still probably is.  Yeah, true love.  He’s a big deal and I let him go when I was 20-present, so he could do what he had to.  Because I loved him too much.  Never don’t love too much, you’ll never regret it; regret not loving enough.  That’s the real kicker.

My system has been quiet.  Like, too quiet.  But Sunday was tough.  Just really neurotic.  I’m sure I drove people mad.  I’m back on my regular wake up early schedule.  Slept soundly.  I have a sleep study tonight.  Yay!!  But, we’ll see.  I think it is just trauma and my weight- two things that can be managed.

I’ve tcob this morning.  Already.  Sent emails out and everything.   Have an ortho appointment, and therapy as well.

Dave made it up there.  He’s in.  Jesse cook, October 27.  SO stoked.  My outfit comes Thursday.  Now, to get the ticket.

Decided to get my Reiki training started.  I meet with her the 28th.  I’m totally stoked.  Heal the healers is my goal.  Empaths Unite!!!!

Not much else.  Just life is beginning to normalize.  Now if I can just get my house in order we’ll be good.


Have a great day,


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